Let me guess if you are reading this blog article that means you want to create a Clickbank account but Clickbank says it's not available for your country, don't worry about that, that's why you have me to thank because am going to show how to create a Clickbank account in any of the restricted countries so you can start promoting offers and start generating commission from sales. The reason a lot of countries are banned it's because of fraudulent activities, so they are able to run a fraud-free business.
" Even you don't want yours to go down the drain"

how to create a clickbank account in banned countries 2020

First of all, for those that don't know anything about Clickbank let me give a brief introduction about ClickBank, Clickbank is a marketplace where you can find both physical and digital product. Clickbank is divided into the Affiliate and the Vendor, the affiliate are the ones promoting the products why vendors are the owners of a product, and as an Affiliate (which you want to become if you want to make money promoting the product) on Clickbank, you can generate anywhere from 4-6 figures.

Click here to check the links of countries banned by Clickbank 

clickbank image

So to create a Clickbank that will work in any of the banned countries you need
  1.  A VPN (a virtual private network )
  2. Foreign details of accepted countries by Clickbank
  3. An email that has not been used on Clickbank
  4. That's all you need
The reason you need a VPN is to clock or disguise your IP address or your location to tricking them you are in another country. There are different kinds of VPN out there ranging from free - paid. I have 2 free VPN that I have tested and are working perfectly
windscribe vpn image

Tunnel bear vpn

There was a free VPN I once tested called Epic browser, it a browser equipped with a VPN. I have heard a lot of people using that but it doesn't work I tested it twice why trying to create a Clickbank account for a pal of mine it got both accounts banned I was frustrated and don't really recommend it for this process.

Now you need to open your browser and go to fakenamegenerator.com to get all the details you will input in your Clickbank details, its really easy to use and you can get all this info without paying a penny for it. And just get your email ready and let's go.

First Step

Turn on your VPN before going to the browser and just put in any of the countries that are not banned from Clickbank let us select the united states as our IP.

windscrib vpn
choose your location 

Second Step

Go to your browser you can use google chrome if you want then go to fake name generator to get the detail that you will use to create your Clickbank account because without it you cannot successfully create your account. After getting the details to move straight to Clickbank

fake name generator png img

Third Step

Click on the "create account" on the header section and it will take you to the signup page where you will place in your details. Make sure your IP is the same as the country you use to generate your details on fakenamegenerator. 

clickbank signup form

After filling the form it will take you to a page where you will fill your 
  • address 
  • phone number
  • city / country 
  • zip/ postal code
  • etc 
all this you will get in your fakenamegenerator details.
And when you hit save and if it shows successful that means you have created your account and you just need to confirm your email and link a payment method, I recommend using Payoneer because they give i think 7 virtual bank account to use
  • us bank account
  • euro bank account 
  • pounds bank account
  • japan  bank account
  • Australia bank account etc.

if you have a Payoneer account link your us bank account to receive your money
if you want to check out Payoneer click here